On-Site Consultation

If you feel you have enough plant knowledge to get you by, but you're just a little overwhelmed in choosing the correct layout for your design, I'm happy to come and spend an hour or two with you on site to give some advice.  Sometimes just having another point of view from an outsider really opens your mind to different opportunities you'd never even thought of before...


Alternatively,  it may be that you just need advice on how to maintain some of your plants. Maybe you need to spruce up your area for an up-coming event...


I generally spend around an hour onsite, taking photos and notes, walking with you, and then an average of 2 hours typing up a report to include photos, ideas and answering specific concerns you've raised during our walk.  You receive a report via email covering the different areas of your garden.  The report will include photos and text rather than drawings.


The cost for this service is $110.00 per hour plus GST.  Please note that mileage will be charged if you are located more than 20kms from Prebbleton, and travel time will be added to the overall time charged. This option may be a more affordable option for those reluctant to invest in a full plan, and can be as comprehensive as you want it to be.


Concept Plan - Contact me to arrange an estimate

A concept plan will provide you with a scaled plan of your garden design, with general plant species (ie ground covers, shrubs, tall shelter trees), but not specific plant names.  This type of plan is perfect for those that know their plants well, but still need help with layout.  It will allow either you or a contractor to follow a scaled plan for the entire layout, and will suggest most materials used in hard landscaping, while allowing you to choose your own plants.


Planting Plan - Contact me to arrange an estimate

Sometimes I have clients contact me with an existing plan they have had prepared which has no plants listed on it.  Sometimes a client will have moved into a spec home, where the garden beds are already in place, but nothing is planted.  If this is the case, you just need a simple scaled planting plan, with a plant list to suit.


Concept & Planting Plan combined - Contact me to arrange an estimate

This is what most clients opt for, and is basically a detailed plant-by numbers plan which is drawn to scale.  It includes both the site layout, basic materials and all plants, including names and numbers needed for each area.  You will easily be able to set the design out yourself and place the plants by following the scale and the plant codes.  Alternatively, you can employ a contractor to do the construction and planting for you.  I am happy to recommend landscape contractors to do this for you.


The Process of estimating the cost of your plan...

If you're considering contacting me for a quote, here's how it works:


1.  You phone or email me, we set a date for me to come and visit the site and meet with you, free of charge.  I don't like to

      estimate until I've seen the site so there are no surprises. I also like to show you examples of my work so we know we're on

      the same page...

2.  I'll assess the scope of the job, and prepare you an estimate which will be emailed to you along with a contract.  This will 

      provide my hourly rate, plus an estimated price range that I think the total cost will fall into, based on previous designs,

      travelling costs etc.  A deposit will be required to secure my services, and hours will be invoiced at the end of each month,        

      payable within 7 days.  The deposit will be subtracted from your first invoice(s).

3.   I complete any site measurements I need soon after.  I also sit down with you and ask you various questions.  I may get you

      to flick through books and magazines to gain a visual glimpse of your tastes.  Any ideas you have should be brought up

      now.  You are encouraged to contact me at any time with questions or thoughts!  This is a good time to get familiar with  

      Pinterest or Houzz, both great inspirational digital platforms that are easily shared with your designer...

4.   I complete a scaled plan of your site, with design options.  This will be emailed to you as a pdf file for feedback.

5.  I re-work any areas that need it, and repeat the process until every single area of the new design is suitable for

     your needs and wants.  At this point, I want everybody involved to be excited about the new design!

6.  Your concept plan is completed on Vectorworks, I add the plants, complete the plant lists and email the package to you.

7.  You throw your hands in the air with glee, become obsessed with gardening and outdoor entertaining, and you

     recommend me to all of your friends and family.


In all cases, collaboration between you and I is paramount.  My initial estimate is given in good faith, and is generally pretty accurate.  If for some reason it looks like I may need to spend more time on a plan than estimated, I will inform you before doing so and we will talk options.