Terms & Conditions (cont'd)


8.   Payment

       8.1   Invoices will issue when LTD reasonably concludes the Work is complete, or if in its opinion the Work can not be

                completed in one billing cycle, by interim accounts as the Work progresses (ie end of month).  The initial invoice will be less any deposit paid.

       8.2   NON TRADE ACCOUNT HOLDERS – agree to pay the Balance due 7 days after invoice.

       8.3   TRADE ACCOUNT HOLDERS – agree to pay the Balance due by 20th day of the month following invoice date.

       8.4   The Customer agrees to pay penalty interest at 10% per month on such part of the Balance due as shall be


       8.5   LTD may take such steps as it considers necessary to recover outstanding amounts. All costs involved in recovery

                including debt collection, agency fees, court fees and legal costs (on a solicitor client basis) shall be payable by

                the Customer upon demand.

        8.6   For the purposes of the Privacy Act the Customer irrevocably authorises LTD to use information provided by the

                Customer for debt collection and marketing purposes. 

        8.7   The powers provided in this Agreement do not exclude any powers provided by law.


9.   General

      9.1    If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable, that shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement,  

               all of which shall remain in force.

      9.2   All words defined in these terms shall bear the same meaning in the Quote and vice versa.


10.   Security, Guarantee and Indemnity

        10.1   In consideration of LTD ‘s entry into this agreement;

                   10.1.1   Where the Customer or the Guarantor (if any) is the owner of the Site he/she/it agrees (in order to 

                                 secure all amounts  payable under this agreement):

                                 (a)   To mortgage that to LTD (meaning if you don’t pay LTD can sell your property to recover the

                                         balance due).

                                 (b)  A caveatable interest is created.

                                 (c)   LTD also has the Customers and any Guarantors irrevocable power of attorney to do whatever is

                                        needed in their name under the above documentation to recover the Balance due.

                  10.1.2   If the Customer is a company, the Guarantor guarantees the payment of all amounts due as a  

                                  principal  debtor.